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Guide To Complete All Fortnitemare Challenges


This guide will provide you all the details about what fortnitemare challenges are and how to complete them all to get the rewards that fortnitemare challenges have and more.

All Fortnitemare Challenges

Free Set Of Challenges To Complete In Fortnitemares

October 24, 2018November 2, 2018

With Patch v6.20 there comes Fortnitemares event in-game which has four set of free challenges for every player which will reward you XP & cosmetics.

First Set of Challenges

Challenge DetailsRewards
Destroy 200 Cube Monsters500 XP
Deal 5,000 damage with Assault Rifles or Pistols to Cube Monsters500 XP
Visit a Corrupted Area in 7 Different Matches500 XP
Dance in front of 5 different Gargoyles500 XP

Reward For Completing First Set of Fortnitemare Challenges

Fiery Emoticon

Reward for completing all the challenges in First set of Fortnitemare challenges is Fiery emoticon.

  • Visit Corrupted Areas In 7 Different Matches

As the challenge says itself all your have to do is visit corrupted areas that look like above shown image in seven different matches. And in order to help you out with locations of all the corrupted areas in Fortnite map here is an image pointing all the corrupt areas location.

There are 7 corrupted areas in map and you can visit any of these in seven different matches to complete the challenge.

  • Dance In Front Of Gargoyles

The challenge is you have to find five Gargoyles in map and need to dance in front of them to complete this challenge. Here is an image of all the locations of Gargoyles in fortnite map.

These are some of the confirmed locations of Gargoyles in map : Retail Row, West of Lazy Links, Haunted Hills, Tomato Temple, Viking Village, and North of Flush Factory.

  • Destroy 200 Cube Monsters

To complete this mission fast just equip yourself with Fiend Hunter Crossbow which deals x4 damage to fiends.

  • 5K Damage with Assault Rifles or Pistols To Cube Monsters

Aim for Headshot when dealing damage that will eliminate cube monsters and the wave faster.

2nd Set of Challenges

Challenge DetailsRewards
Destroy 150 Cube Fiends500 XP
Deal 5,000 damage with Shotguns or SMGs to Cube Monsters500 XP
Eliminate 3 opponents at Corrupted Areas500 XP
Destroy a Ghost Decoration in 7 different Named Locations500 XP

Reward For Completing Second Set of Fortnitemare Challenges

Deadfire Spray

After completing all challenges from second set of challenges of fortnitemare you will get this Uncommon Spray – Deadfire.

3rd Set of Challenges

Challenge DetailsRewards
Destroy 25 Cube Brutes500 XP
Deal 2,000 damage with Explosive Weapons to Cube Monsters500 XP
Search 7 chests in Corrupted Areas500 XP
Stage 1: Visit Wailing Woods
Stage 2: Coming soon!
Stage 3: Coming soon!
500 XP

Reward For Completing Third Set of Fortnitemare Challenges

Virulent Flames Contrail

4th Set of Challenges

Challenge DetailsRewards
Destroy 10 Elite Cube Monsters500 XP
Deal 2,500 damage to Cube Fragments500 XP
Deal 1,000 damage to Cube Monsters in a single match500 XP
Visit 4 different Corrupted Areas in a single match500 XP
Destroy 3 Cube Fragments500 XP
Complete 14 Fortnitemares challenges500 XP

Reward For Completing Fourth Set of Fortnitemare Challenges

Dark Engine Glider

There are a total of 17 Fortnitemare Challenges Which You Should Complete in Order to Unlock This Dark Engine Glider In game.

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