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CS GO player caught cheating at LAN event


Nikhil Forsaken Kumawat was a pro player who played for optic gaming India. Recently he has been receiving more coverage than he ever did for his performance at championships. Admins at the Asia qualifiers spotted foul play in the match against China’s revolution gaming. As they approached forsaken, the panicked player tried to close the command prompt in the background and delete a word.exe file. Admins spotted this and booted optic out of the qualifiers, one that India had not qualified for since 2010.

But Kumawat’s story does not begin here. . . this is just the finale to a long line of shady gaming, one that questions the very spirit of sportsmanship. Nikhil had received a vac ban on his account in early 2016 for using aimlock. Aimlock is a software that allows you to land some insane shots which are ultimately only truly won with extreme persistence and hard work. After this, he bought a new account and started playing sostronk.

Here he found a surprisingly strong support and backing of the organization itself. There are reported accusations against him for using hacks in this period as well however he was always well protected from all the heat of the common crowd by a few organizations we’d prefer not to name. Following this, the backing he received along with his stellar sostronk ratings got him into the optic.

So back to the case at hand, a lot of teams at the qualifiers were really suspicious of the shots that should’ve been really messy being surprisingly clean. What Nikhil was doing was using a word.exe command prompt cheat which upon execution directly binds with the mouse. As ridiculous as it sounds, he actually attempted pulling this off against valve 2018 in an international event. This immature move put not only his own career but also his team’s future at stake as both were sent packing.

Such low stoops at winning bouts that opponents have worked hard for is both disgusting and extremely unfair. This act not only brought down optic but also the country it represented. The outrage and shame of many Indian players were blatant as Facebook and Twitter exploded with a shower of rage and Indians apologizing for the poor spectacle a team representing them displayed. Nikhil has now been released from the optic and most likely from e-sports. His display stands to remind us about the spirit of e-sports, something that should be kept alive with healthy gaming and a strong love towards the game. Plays must be created with hard work and instinct, not with scripting and ezfrags. ( Site he used to attain this)

So what happens after? Well, needless to say, he was put under fire when he got home. The shame caused him to delete his social media accounts and try to get on with life. With the five years ESIC ban, he has recently received, its highly unlikely that CS may still be an option.

Recently in an interview with AFK gaming, Forsaken fessed up for what he’d done and had admitted to cheating even in the boot camp. While there is an apology he issued, given the public outrage, the statement is hardly a valid alibi.

Forsaken’s statement

“I want to start this by apologizing to my teammates, OpTic management and the people who put their trust in me. I feel extremely guilty for stealing away the opportunities from my teammates, each one was extremely talented and I have jeopardized their chances of being where they deserve.

I did not have any financial pressure, any family pressure or anything as a reason to cheat, it was all me. It was all me who wanted to win every game, wanted to be perfect in every aspect of the game. I was confident in my decision-making, I was confident in understanding of the game etc, but was never confident in my aim so to compensate that lack of confidence in aim I had to choose the wrong path.

None of my teammates had any idea of me using any external programme including my coach and manager. They simply trusted in me and I am sorry to say I failed them. The hack was not too blatant (even though people think it might be), no-one in my team or people standing behind us (coach or manager etc) had any idea I was using anything. It gave me a slight advantage over my natural aiming so it was almost negligible to be observed by people around me. I was also very careful to only use it occasionally and in hiding it after games.

I did use hacks inside the boot camp but it was impossible for them to know. As I already said it only gave me a slight advantage in terms of accuracy, precision and better registry of bullets so it was not visible to people observing me outside the game. There were also no instances to doubt me but whenever clips were online I was quick to come up with an excuse and took advantage of their trust in me.

If I could go back I would probably delete the day when I first played counterstrike. Nothing good has happened to me since the day I started playing the game. I thought this game was for me but since last almost one year I have not been loyal to it. I worked hard but I wasn’t loyal. I gave everything away for the game, I always put this game above everything else and today I realize what I have lost. One thing I always put everything above on and I cheated it. I lost everything when putting CS above everything and today I lost CS too. The only thing I never lost is my family and my girlfriend and I hope to never cheat on them.

I am broken inside but I am paying for what I did. I have committed a far greater mistake for the community and I must pay not only for my mistake but also for the people who trusted in me.
I know my career in CS is over. All I can do is to try something in life so that I can be able to help my family. I have never thought of doing anything other than CS. I will try to improve for my mistake and be a better person.

I never ever cheated in the tryouts because it was one of my first lans and I wanted to give my best there and I tried convincing myself to leave it and do it by my own and I didn’t have the courage to that also but when I came to boot camp I was not able to adjust on pc and by looking towards my teammates the urge to be good at every aspect lead me to this again, so I could use it in boot camp without anyone knowing about it, it gave me the courage to use it in further lans

I have betrayed the trust of people who believed in me.

I have dragged the name of the country in the dirt and I know it’s unforgivable.

There is no one else to blame but me.  No one else should have to take the hate and blame for this but me.

I saw the holes in the system and I took advantage of it for my own blind, selfish reasons. And I have nothing but regret.
Even after I had served the ESIC ban, I could have started over, but in my stupidity and selfishness I continued to cheat.

So many people have fought for me and stood up for me, and I realize now, how many people I have betrayed and how they are facing the punishment which is meant for me.

– Nikhil ‘forsaken’ Kumawat

Make of this what you will, we wish him luck for a life of normalcy and hope he doesn’t find a way to cheat there too. ( Just kidding)

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