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Gameplay guide on Kimmy in mobile legends


Kimmy is probably the most mobile champion currently in existence in mobile legends. The very fact that her attack speed is constant says a lot about her flat attack speed. Speaking about her gameplay lets look into her basic abilities and special traits that makes her different from all the other champions in the game.

Kimmy’s abilities

Chemists instinct

Kimmy’s passive is the major facilitator of her mobility. The basic strategy that forms the backbone of being an ad carry is kiting. Kimmy’s passive enforges that giving her an entire joystick simply for her auto spray and to inadvertently move while attacking.

This passive however does not allow you to build up attack speed on her, any such items you end up buying gets converted into move speed. This passive allows you to freely inflict damage on fighters and kite back when they approach. It also gives a lot of freedom of motion compared to the traditional stutter step technique.

Energy transformation

This is a skill more useful earlier than late. It gives you a slight boost in range and also causes your auto attacks to deal splash damage to all nearby enemies. You can use this early game to safely force your enemies out of the lane. In teamfights, this ability is especially useful when the enemies are clumped up as the splash damage numbers it deals can really add up.

Chemical refinement

This spell, gives you mobility in the direction opposite to the casting direction. It also leaves behind an area that provides damage over time and slows down enemies walking over it. This ability is ultimately used to build up a gap between you and a fighter/ assassin trying to kill you. Use the slow to your advantage by auto attacking for the entire duration while continuing to move away.

The DoT and slow which is a stunning 60%is very dangerous especially in the early game. In situations where chasing a low hp hero, the recoil can also be used to provide gap closure, bringing you closer to the enemy champion.

Maximum charge

Maximum charge can be coupled with chemical refinement to deal incredible amounts of damage. Use this when you’re sure you can land multiple hiits. Ideally an opponent who’s slowed by 60% is a sitting duck to your ultimate. The movement speed conversion also means some of the attack speed stats will inadvertently be converted to motion, allowing for easy kiting.

Kimmy is a champion, literally made for kiting. Anything that makes kiting easier should be done. Provide her movement speed, high profile damage items will make each auto attack hit just as hard. This champion will not win close range 1v1’s but will dominate drawn out fights. Pick your fights carefully and avoid charging into the fray. Try to ensure you’re a safe distance from any viable threats.

Make sure you know where the fighters and assassins are before you go all in. Do all this and you’re sure to win most of your brawls with this champion. Also check out the itemization guide on the site for some really cool items you can try on this champion.

Thank you for reading, I hope you found this useful.

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