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Gameplay guide on Kai’sa in League of legends

An indepth guide to playing Kai'sa in the game


Kai’sa is a champion that easily steals the spotlight this season with an overall 49.8% win rate, her upcoming prestige skin and more importantly. . . her presence at worlds. After witnessing some stellar performances of this champion by JackeyLove, Uzi, Deft and Sneaky we decided to pen down a gameplay guide on her and will try our best to do justice to the daughter of the void, so here goes. . . (inhales)


Before we begin this guide, lets take her look at her abilities.

Second skin/ Living weapon

Second skin is Kai’sas passive which allows her to stack plasma onto an opponent, stacks that add up with consecutive auto attacks. Similar in nature to Vayne and Gnar. Each stack deals a bit of magic damage and every fifth auto pops the remaining four stacks and deals a percentage of the targets missing health as damage. Hard cc from allied teammates also stack up plasma, unlike Vayne and Gnar.

This passive scales with ap and therefore her passive along with W are the driving factors to any funky ap or hybrid builds. An item that works very well with this is a rageblade. Guinsoos rage is a perfect trigger to melting enemies with your passive procs. We will look at the latter portion of her passive, living weapon along with the other abilities.

Icathian rain

Kai’sa fires a volley of six missiles. This ability scales more with ad than ap and is maxed first on the traditional ad builds. It is a really versatile ability and in the early game is usually a follow up to your E. Your Q along with W is enough to deal a significant amount of damage to enemies who are low in the laning phase.

As expected, Icathian rain can be evolved by building ad. The living weapon of Icathian rain can be achieved with a 100 ad. If you are one of those people that enjoys the essence reaver, Icathian rain can be evolved with an essence reaver and a pickaxe. If not as well, a 100 ad is not too difficult to attain. An evolved Q doubles the missile count and adds a bonus flat attack damage. All in all its a nice addition to your kit but should not be the your prime focus. You still have to win that game.

Void seeker

This can go from an Ashe E to a 7.62mm real quick. Your W really shines on a hybrid or an ap build. On an ad build, this can be used to put up plasma stacks, to scout for the enemy team or to chase down a target with your ultimate. This ability puts up two plasma stacks on the target it hits which is quite neat. Also, it provides vision when it hits the target which can provide for some handy early game scouting.

On an ap build however its a completely different playing field. It can be used to snipe and burst down enemy champions, sometimes even spawn killing them. Of course, evolving this article requires 100 ap and evolving it applies three stacks of plasma instead of two, and landing your skillshot on an enemy refunds half the cooldown which is really cool and can make for some really insane plays on her.


A big contributor to her mobility, supercharge gives you a burst of movement speed during the cast and increased attackspeed for five seconds after casting. This is indirectly a great boost to your damage since increased attack damage allows you to proc your passive more and items like runaans make this item all the more devastating.

This ability can be evolved with a 100 bonus attack speed. As already evident, this is probably the most difficult evolution of all. One of the practical ways to do this is getting a Runaans Hurricane or a phantom dancer along with Berserkers Greaves and a dagger at level 13.

Demonic ascension

Kai’sas ultimate is a long distance dash that allows you to teleport to any target that has plasma stacks on them. Earlier this would be coupled with an essence reaver to give you additional attack speed upon reaching the target. This can be a really useful initiation as well as escape tool warping out of sticky situations or warping in to finish off a squishy target. Her ultimate and supercharge are her primary mobility tools and can be used in many different ways.

(To check out the Kai’sa itemization guide, click here)


Precision: Primary

Fleet footwork

Kai’sa is primarily dependent on mobility, weaving in and out of teamfights and that is an aspect that can be fully capitalized on with fleet footwork. This rune allows you to deal additional damage as you kite and is arguably the best primary rune to run on her.


If you decide to run precision, this is a must have rune. The gold it provides is pretty neat, but the 12% health recovery on takedowns it provides can be a lifesaver in messy teamfights and may just make the difference between life and death.

Coup de grace

This rune simply does the most damage in its category due to it’s scaling damage as compared to the other flat counterparts. Probably the most efficent rune anyway.

Sorcery: Secondary


As mentioned earlier, on a highly mobile champ like Kai’sa movement speed just makes her faster, allows for easy kiting and fleet footwork tears down targets you hit ever so often.

Gathering storm

The adaptive ad you get every ten minutes is pretty cool. . .  yeah. . . its cool.


Early game:

Level up Icathian rain first, and push for level two. Try to avoid direct trades with the ad carry unless necessary. Focus more on a passive playstyle and try to create a minion advantage. If you are able to force them off the lane, set up a freeze. It’s probably the best way to dominate early game with Kai’sa. If you reach level two first, use the powerspike to level up supercharge and initiate on the enemy in your overpowering minion wave. Try your best to get tower first blood in the early game since the gold it provides is quite cool.

Mid game

Kai’sa has a low auto attack range. This makes whittling down turrets all the more difficult, the correct way to siege is to autoattack a couple times, move back , reposition and auto attack a few times again. Mirror your enemies movements and stay out of range since you’re probably the most easy and valuable target to catch. Staying safe until your fourth or fifth item before truly commiting to teamfights is probably the most optimal way to play this champion.


While it’s viable to pick off the enemy carries in the teamfighting phase. . . maybe leave that to the assassins. Probably for an adc you’re much more dangerous spraying the enemy team, riddling them with auto attacks and ultimately leaving everyone to unfit to carry on fighting . Oh yeah, stay away from enemy assassins. . . they’re not nice. Don’t auto attack them if you know they have cooldowns up. Just don’t.

Aaaand that’s about it. I hope you liked this guide, do check out the Kai’sa itemization guide it’s quite cool too (Phew) That’s about it. See you on the rift!