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Future Of Fortnite Is Going To Change With New Meta Changes Announced


Since the release of Fortnite there has been a great amount of changes brought in the game to create some new opportunities for every kind of player to make their strat to play in order to win the match but its been more of the same. People are using shotguns and building as main tactic to get a victory royale in this game. Epic did a few changes and also added quite a lot of new items to make this game a little more dynamic and also give players have a little more play styles than usual which will work up for their victory.Fortnite’ is constantly evolving,” Epic said. “Our goal with any changes is to keep the game fun and interesting, keeping it feeling fresh and new.”

All these tries have been non-efficient so epic decided to make some major changes in the gameplay style of the players. They mentioned that just building to get victory royale is a for sure a play strat we had in mind but everyone following the same style by learning from the tutorials of pros is not a good thing for the development and the future of the game either. This will result in the decrement of the players playing this game, for the obvious reason that no one loves doing a same thing for such a long period of time. Though no specific details have yet been given, it is possible we may see reductions in the amount of materials we’ll be able to hold as well as restrictions on certain weapons similar to the recent update which limits rocket ammo to a maximum of 12.

Fortnite mentioned the fact that they are thinking of new ways to give players to show their talent by bringing out new play strats to win matches which sometimes is not possible because of building meta currently ongoing in the game. The changes being made are not having a positive response but epic also mentioned a few hardships and a little out of the box view is required for people to fully enjoy the game. They might reduce the materials cap in the game or will ban the use of certain weapons towards the end of the circle as mentioned in the blog post. Nothing is confirmed but one thing for sure is that this will certainly change the direction of the gameplays being made and also will bring a new face to the fortnite.

“You should be able to find Victory Royales through multiple strategies,” Epic said. “We want to empower you to showcase your skill, strategy, and tactics in all variety of ways.”

As many Pro players have shown their disappointment over the nerf to Building in future, there are many views on it. One of them being helpful to new players those who can’t build, can take their time to learn building while not getting build owned by experienced player against them and enjoy the game to the few bits they want. For those who just rely on pure aim to kill the enemy and those who find build battles boring its something that is finally in their favor which will create balance in the game just like Thanos did in Infinity war.

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