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Fortnite Season 7 Battle Pass Skins And Outfits


This season there was no comet, no visitor, no rocket launch and no rifts. There was just a small event where the cube was destroyed and took everyone in the game to another dimension which formed Leaky Lake. Fortnite Season 7 is here and you can purchase Season 7 Battle Pass from the store.

There were already major changes in season 7 and here are patch notes which you can read. As battle pass of season 7 has released this time there are four skins which are progressive means there is customization in these skins which you unlock through levelling or completing challenges of these skins. so let’s see skins available in Fortnite Season 7 Battle Pass :

Art for Battle Pass Skins of Season 7

Fortnite-season-7-battle-pass-skinsAfter purchasing a battle pass you will get access to straight two progressive skins. Lynx and Zenith, these two skins will evolve as you gain XP, which will eventually give you cosmetics for each outfit.

Lynx : “Who needs nine lives when one is enough?”

lynx-fortnite-outfitlynx-fortnite-outfit-2lynx-fortnite-outfit-3You can unlock all levels of this skin by progressing through XP levels. But in order to unlock the final skin, you have to complete a lot of weekly challenges.

Zenith: “Peak performance at every elevation.”

Zenith-fortnite-outfitZenith-fortnite-outfit-2Zenith-fortnite-outfit-3Just like lynx, there is variation available for this skin too which can be unlocked via gaining XP and completing weekly challenges.

Sgt. Christmas: “You don’t want to be on his list.”

According to season 7 trailer, he is the bad guy. So don’t consider him the good guy Santa as his name implies i.e. Sgt. Christmas. This skin is unlocked at Tier 23.

He looks a lot like Santa in the movie Guardians.

sgt-christmas-fortnite-outfit-3There are three varieties of this skin first one is Santa, second is snowman head and third is a llama head because why not.

sgt-christmas-fortnite-outfit-2sgt-christmas-fortnite-outfitPowder: “Catch the air and kiss the sky.”

At tier 47, there is Powder skin which is similar to a variation of Zenith skin. Both are based on winter-sports themed skins.

powder-fortnite-outfitTrog: “Trog fight good!”

trog-fortnite-outfitTrog skin in fortnite is unlockable at tier 71. Trog is a part of Mountain Myths set.

Onesie: “Smash that snooze button!”

onesie-fortnite-outfitThis skin was originally leaked for season 6 and was supposed to be released in season 6 item shop. But it was cancelled at that time and here it is now making its way in season 7 battle pass unlockable at tier 87.

Tier 100 Skin – Ice King

Ice King: “All hail the ruler of ice and snow.”

ice-king-fortnite-outfitAnd in the end, we have The Ice King skin which is unlocked at tier 100 of the battle pass. This skin has four variations:

icekingRequired Progression Chart

Tier 1Reach Battle Pass Tier 100
Required Progression ChartTier 2Outlive 500 Opponents
Required Progression ChartTier 3Outlive 1,000 Opponents
Required Progression ChartTier 4Outlive 2,500 Opponents
Required Progression ChartTier 5Outlive 7,500 Opponents
Required Progression ChartTier 6Outlive 15,000 Opponents
Required Progression ChartTier 8Outlive 25,000 Opponents

That’s all folks! Fortnite Season 7 was released and there are a lot of changes in Fortnite in season 7. Tell us what’s your favourite thing in Season 7 is in the comments below.

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