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Fortnite Season 6 Week 10 Challenges Guide


The final week of Fortnite Season 6 is here and all the challenges of Week 10 have been revealed. These challenges are the only way completing which players can level up and unlock AIM Robot Hunting Party skin. This skin is our clue to what season 7 is going to be and it will be chilly as winter is coming in Fortnite Season 7.

Challenges for this week seems easy, so let’s find out what are challenges of week 10 are and how to complete them:

Free Challenges Of Week 10

  • Build Structures (0/250)
  • Visit a Viking ship, a camel and a crashed Battle Bus (0/3)
  • Search Chests at Tilted Towers or Paradise Palms (0/7)(HARD)

Battle Pass Challenges of Week 10

  • Place Mounted Turrets in different matches (0/3)
  • Stage 1: Land at Lazy Links (0/1)
  • Complete vehicle timed trials (0/3)(HARD)
  • Stage 1: Shotgun Elimination (0/1)(HARD)

Guide On How To Complete All Week 10 Challenges of Season 6 :

1. Build Structures: An easy one, as you can complete this one while just roaming around the map or in a single 1v1 build fight.

2. Search Chests At Tilted Towers Or Paradise Palms:

Chest Locations In Paradise Palm


As Tilted Tower in itself is huge, we are sharing a video here showing the location of all the chests in Tilted Towers.

3. Place Mounted Turrets in Different Matches

You don’t have to kill anyone with mounted turrets just place it and you are done with it. Do the same in three different matches and your mission is complete.

4. Visit A Viking Ship, A Camel, And A Crashed Battle Bus

This one is tricky and you can visit two of them in a single match. If by chance the circle is in your favor you can visit all three of them in a single match.

Viking Ship Location

On a hill that is southeast of Snobby Shores goes to the middle of Viking village.

Camel Location

This one is hard to look at the image below to get a rough idea of where the camel is located in the map.

Crashed Battle Bus Location

A crashed battle bus is located southwest of Lazy Links in the field. For a better idea take a look at the image below.

A Viking Ship, A Camel, A Crashed Battle Bus Location

5. Stage 1: Land at Lazy Links

This is a landing stage mission so you have to go in the game and find out what is the second stage after landing in Lazy Links.

6. Stage 1: Shotgun Eliminations

This one is the same as landing stage missions, go in the game and start a mission and complete the first stage of the mission. Find out what is next in line for you.

7. Complete Vehicle Timed Trials

Location of all Timed Trials in Fortnite

  • By the metal Llama north of Junk Junction
  • Northwest of Dusty Divot
  • Just south of the area with  all the shipping containers east of Retail Row

Here is an image of all the location of Timed Trials in Fortnite Map:

location of Timed Trials in Fortnite Map

This season had many new challenges like target shooting and clocking high speeds for radar signs but we missed those “search between” challenges or treasure map challenges. Hope we get to see more of them in Season 7. Now start grinding to get that tier 100 Dire Skin. Good Luck!

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