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Fortnite GALAXY Skin – Info, Images, How To Unlock | Battle Royale


This Section here is properly dedicated to providing you information about Galaxy Skin released for free by Fortnite for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 And Tab S4 Android Device owners when these both devices were launched. This skin is one of the rare skins which is not for sale and can only be unlocked if you have any of the two devices. Check Out Skin’s information below in the section and how to Get Galaxy skin for your account:

Fortnite Galaxy Skin Showcase

Front Image

Back image

Galaxy Skin Details And How To Unlock Galaxy Skin

IconRarityHow to get
Play three matches of Fortnite on your Note 9 or Tab S4 device.

Skin Review – GALAXY

See the Galaxy inside you. The Galaxy Skin gleams in black, purple, and white hues similar to real life galaxies filled with stars and planets. It even has a comet circling the head of the character!

How to Claim Fortnite Galaxy Skin For Your Account

  • Available only on the Galaxy Note 9 and Tab S4 Android devices.
  • Install Fortnite via Galaxy Apps.
  • Play 3 matches on your device.
  • Tab “Return to Lobby” only after winning or being eliminated.
  • Allow 24-48 hours to receive the Galaxy Skin.
  • Each device can only receive the Galaxy Skin once.

Galaxy Skin – Set Pickaxe

Galaxy Skin – Set Glider

Galaxy Skin – Set Back Bling

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