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Fortnite, Boon Or Bane For Society?


There are very few games that have gained fame over a short period of time and lived up to the expectations of its players. Fortnite became one of such games to get compared with many big names in the gaming industry. They beat their records held for so long in each platform. Developers in epic announced that Fortnite gained 125 million players all through the world. And recently on the launch of this game in the famous platform of Nintendo Switch, it gained +2 million new players in less than 24 hours announced on during the E3 tournament.

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Good Side

This is shocking because of the fame attained by this game has made so many players more famous. Ninja to be known among the famous athletes and other sports player. This being a happy news for developers but is worrisome for parents because this game recently is becoming more of a addiction among the players. Children (the main target of this game) are getting more and more into it. Like Pokemon and others before it, this has meant a great deal of success for Epic, but has brought a great deal of scrutiny and fear-mongering too.

Bad Side

Parents are concerned about their kids. Not just kids, most of the adults are also a part of this game. Though being free this game has a unique way of earning money. People buy cosmetics for their characters and this is the main source of their income. Credits to Fortnite developers for creating such amazing characters and cosmetics.

As we all know everything has their own merits and banes. People are spending a lot of their time and money on fortnite. So clearly, the game is a huge success. Many children are clearly addicted to this game. They are either playing the game or watching it. Thus making children have a dip in their performances in school. Also having a low social life which many parents are worried about. This phenomenon has lead many parents to take their child to a psychiatrist for rehab. It might not be surprising if psychiatrists do not encourage playing video games and can have a negative impact on the kid.

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Overviewing the situation as it is, many games have previously reached the zenith of their popularity. But later crashed and now they seem to be a dead thing in the past. Unlike those games fortnite has maintained its name throughout this time. Having a deep impact on the society and such an influence on all age groups. Fortnite is truly remarkable. Epic has created a masterpiece that appeals to everyone. As its current stage, we can clearly see there are many stones left to be unturned. Which in future will, for sure, change its course of influence.

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