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Fortnite Available On Android? Beware Of Scam Versions

Fortnite will be available on android soon.


Fortnite battle royal has been a popular game since its release. It’s a free for all game and yet still it earned $100 Million when it was released on iOS. Also, the recent partnership made with Nintendo switch which has been all over the news is the indisputable signs of the incomparable success of Fortnite BR. Recently people have been trying to find Fortnite on Android too. But epic has not announced any release of the Android version of Fortnite. After the release of iOS version, it will soon (maybe in few months) be available on Android too.

Fortnite is not available on Android

But some scammers have been showing fake news and trying to trick people to believe that Fortnite is available on Android. Android version has not been launched yet. Fraudsters are taking advantage of this fact. They trick users into downloading malicious apps.

You can see this by a quick search on Google (how to download Fortnite in Android). Also on Youtube, this content has been making its way to the trending section. Although it’s fake people still fall for it due to curiosity. While you think its no harm, they make some money out of it. Have a little patience till the game actually comes out on Android.

Nathan Collier, a senior intelligence analyst with internet security company Malwarebytes, described this in brief on his blog. In the blog post, Collier describes that these fake apps use many of the same images and loading screens found in the iOS Fortnite game app, making them look very realistic when you first open them.

Then that app would request you to download other apps which will lead you to play the game but that is very misleading. No matter how many apps you download you will never fulfill your desire to play Fortnite on android right now. Those redirecting apps which people download to make their game work is just a way for hackers to earn. Its like kind of an advertisement some might say but by tricking people and playing with their desires.

When is Fortnite going to release on Android?

Even though Fortnite iOS version was released very soon after the mobile announcement was made. It seems the Android version will be released a little later.

Epic Games claimed that they are aiming “this summer” to release the game. While the cross-play feature will “eventually” happen after that.

Epic’s PR Nick Chester has already notified players. If you hear anything else, don’t trust it. These are phishing scams that are going around.
Alt image Epic's notice for players

Your best bet to play Fortnite on mobile as of now is an iPhone. Be careful, be safe.

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