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Fnatic grabs ticket to EU LCS finals against Schalke 04

An excerpt on the European Semi finals.



The past three days have seen a dynamic transcription of events in the Semi finals. It would be fair to say the semis are not what people expected them to be. The result of both matches was far from what any spectator could have imagined. The outcome of this bout is that the finals are going to be a  bloody battle with no certain outcome until the end.


Schalke04 Vs Team Vitality

Sometimes it’s the people no one imagines anything of who do the things no one can imagine.

Alan Turing’s quote is one that best describes the situation. A majority of the crowd expected Vitality to stomp over Schalke and clash directly in the finals. Schalke 04 was not a team that had a spotless track record and had quite a couple of losses against a number of the EU LCS teams. However, when the time came to shine, they burned with a ferocious flame swallowing the unprepared Vitality in a matter of four games.


Schalke won 3-1 against Vitality, in contrast to the 0-3 stomping spectators walked in expecting. All three games that Schalke won were extremely one sided with them playing around their opponents before decimating the nexus. Schalke have earned their seat in the finals with this win and we can be sure they’re going to make this count.


The Schalke roster consists of:

  • Vizicsacsi in the top lane
  • Amazing in the jungle
  • Nukeduck in the mid
  • Upset as an adc
  • Vander as the support

Fnatic Vs Misfits


In the heartbreaking four game series Misfits struggled for breaths of air against the relentless Fnatic. The star player who emerged from this brawl was undoubtedly Caps. The eighteen year old was the one who led Fnatic to the win with his impressive roaming and solo kills.

The game changing moment that won them the series was actually in Game 3, a game that Misfits should have won on paper. Misfits were at the enemy’s base when a small mistake from Hans sama wherein he jumped on Caps Vayne as a Tristana led to a condemn against the wall, the killing of the main damage dealer and ultimately the game.


The Fnatic roster consists of:

  • sOAZ in the top lane
  • Broxah in the jungle
  • Caps in mid lane
  • Rekkles as the ad carry
  • Hyllisang as the support


As these two teams meet in the finals sparks are sure to fly and it wouldnt be too out of this world to expect a five game series. With the scales shifting the way they are, it’s quite difficult to predict who the winner of this skirmish will be. Keep your eyes peeled ladies and gentlemen, for the finals of 2018 EU LCS.


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