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Faker’s guide to Zoe


Zoe can be a very tricky hero to play especially in the current meta. Below are some tips to play Zoe in League, derived from the star Faker.

Careful when picking Zoe against champions like Irelia or Fizz, who have the mobility to catch up and kill Zoe really easily.

Faker usually takes ignite/flash, but against teams with hard CC that will be difficult to deal with (lists Veigar or Ryze as examples), or barrier flash if their team has massive assassination potential.

Faker plays Zoe to maximize her power in the mid-to-late game and takes electrocute to maximize her assassination potential during this time. Though he doesn’t mention it, the tooltip at the side mentions taking the ultimate hunter to reduce R cd for increased survivability.

Zoe’s key point is her Q, and he discusses a few points about it.


How To Play Zoe

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When playing against an aggressive champion like fizz, you want to Q-Q-R-AA from afar and go for a poke playstyle. This should be done from outside the enemy’s sight and as they are taking CS, guaranteeing a hit as they take a creep. In the video, he does this from the path between the mid brush and his side’s raptor camp.

It’s easier for the enemy to react and perceive your QRQ combo than your QQR combo.

When performing the QQR combo, use R when the returning Q passes your body. This is pretty apparent in the video, if this translation isn’t clear enough.

It’s important to poke from afar not just because of the damage, but also because Zoe’s overall survivability isn’t very high.

After using hitting sleepy trouble bubble, if you don’t think you can hit the Q just use a basic attack.

Place a ward in the deep river brush near the rift herald/dragon (preference), which I assume would let you track ganks, roams, and let you hit an E in the river for a potential assassination.

The basic strategy is to hard push the wave and roam out of the enemy’s sight.

When using E, try to do it out of the enemy’s sight, which probably means making it go over a wall. Then hit your Q.

After using your combo, you are most vulnerable to your enemy, as you’ve used basically all your skills unless you haven’t used E. When backmoving, move frequently to the side or use R to avoid skills.

If they take a bubble to the face when moving in, you can surprisingly find a lot of kill angles in combination with ignite. The video is at 3:19 if you want to see what happens.

Most Important Tip

The last segment is basically about using R to avoid CC, like the anivia stun shown in the video, but after dodging it you can actually go much more aggressive during this time. You can R to point-blank range, behind them, somewhere that doesn’t have minions between you and them — even if on the enemy’s side of the wave, since you’ll just R back — and hit them with a trouble bubble. If you hit the E, it can often lead to a kill if you play it right. He demonstrates this at 4:05 to the end (there’s a clip interspersed that just shows him flashing the CC because it’s a situation where if he portal jumps back, he’s still screwed because of the wall).

Even if you can’t hit the E in this counterattacking situation, using a basic attack in your portal, sending a quick Q auto Q combo, or finding a good angle for E into QQ.

Reference video can be found at https://tv.naver.com/v/3631842/list/234550

And remember “Nobody has to grow up if they don’t want to. Or maybe they do. I don’t though.”

– ZoeSquare.png Zoe

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