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Everything You Need To Know About Fortnite: Battle Royale’s Season 6 Battle Pass


Players are freaking out right now as the new trailer for Season 6 revealed Vampire theme for this season. There are a lot of in-game events coming up in both Save the World and Battle Royale side of the game. The biggest thing for every season which each player in game waits for is Battle Pass which offers you 100 levels to climb and at each level, there is a new reward for you which includes different cosmetic items. Once you have purchased Battle Pass of the game, everything that you do while you are playing the game contributes something to your battle pass progress.

When can I buy it, and for how much? The Season 6 battle pass will come out this Thursday, September 27. You can buy a basic version for approximately $10, or spend approximately $25 to get a version with 25/100 tiers unlocked. Those prices are an estimate because you also might have some of the game’s premium currency lying around from last season’s battle pass.

How do I unlock things? Cosmetic at each level of the Battle Pass doesn’t unlock itself once you have purchased the battle pass however you can purchase tiers to unlock every item at each level but to purchase tiers you have to spend vbucks. Every week you get a set of challenges that you can complete to earn battle pass tiers and new cosmetics: these range from eliminating opponents in a particular location to following simple treasure maps. However, this didn’t change in previous seasons so we are pretty sure it will be same this week too.

What about the theme? Battle Pass for season 5 had a mix theme but this time it has a vampire theme, there are different type of skins which includes werewolves, a vampire hunter skin, a crow vampire and many more. To know more about all the skins of Season 6 and cosmetic visit our other article on the website.

What about the map? Like every other season this time the map has changed also, the places where there were runes in the previous season left by Cube there are dark patches on the map without any greenery. And in the middle of Loot Lake, there is a huge floating island. Just go inside a match and see it yourself.

Should I buy it? If you play the game a lot then yes. However, Battle Pass doesn’t give you any advantage over other players and the gameplay is the same too but completing challenges gives a thrill and excitement in the game and unlocking things too.

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