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Tencent partners up with UK to offer eSports courses in Oxford University


With the intention of capitalizing on the global acceptance of eSports and provide it an academic background. Prestigious UK university Oxford has united with Chinese organization Tencent, to offer eSports courses for the first time for students looking to get into professional gaming.  

Tencent is one of the largest association in the global gaming industry. The Chinese company holds majority stakes in League of Legends developer Riot Games, and the studio behind Fortnite, Epic Games. Also, Tencent owns the publishing rights to PUBG in China and is currently developing a strategy to launch Fortnite in the country. 

Academic Future for eSports

Tencent has made a deal with the UK Department of International Trade to establish business relations with the UK government and partner-up in fields such as games, movies, and fashion. As part of the arrangement, Oxford University will host competitions and offer programs that are developed to boost acceptance of eSports and bring more flair into the industry. 

However, it is not yet revealed what Oxford University will offer in these courses. Other acclaimed academies like the York University already have such courses in motion and Oxford is probably going to use that as an inspiration. Our only hope is that an admirable institution like Oxford University should set the ball rolling for eSports in colleges worldwide. 

Professional eSports tournaments have boomed in popularity in the last few years, providing gamers a hope to turn their passion into fame and money. While allowing game development studios an opportunity to acquire mainstream sponsors and audience money. Collaboration with the UK government is being seen as a well-planned step by Tencent to launch its global expansion plans, beginning with the UK. One can only hope soon we will witness gamers get an equal recognition and respect just like any other academically respected industry.

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