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Elon Musk Tweets About ‘Buying And Deleting Fortnite’


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Uh oh, Elon Musk deleted Fortnite – according to a good joke made by Elon Musk.

The billionaire tech mogul screen-grabbed a headline from a satirical ‘news’ story website which joked he had bought and deleted Fortnite, the Epic Games Battle Royale online phenomenon.

For anyone who doesn’t get the joke, this might clear up a few things:

Who The Hell Is Elon Musk?
Elon Musk shared the fake headline with his 23 million Twitter followers, many of whom presumably consider themselves part of the tech and gaming communities.

Underneath the lead, the caption fake-quoted Musk explaining his ‘decision’ with the following:

Actual IRL Musk shared the screenshots and captioned his tweet, saying it ‘Had to be done ur welcome’.

After initial panic abated – when everyone very, very, very quickly realised this was a joke – and the burn wore off, the tweet picked up a lot of traction in the gaming community which definitely saw the funny side.

Here’s the tweet, in case you missed it:

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Myth, an American Twitch streamer and professional Fortnite Battle Royale player whose real name is Ali Kabbani, was first to jump in with a funny quip, because you could argue the tweet was almost inevitably aimed at him and TSM (which stands for Team SoloMid, just FYI).

The streamer joked:

Myth responds to joke that elon musk deleted fortnite

Pokimane, a streamer, YouTuber, and gamer, simply called Musk a ‘savage’ for sharing the satirical news story.

FaZe Agony took the chance to crusade for an important issue in a different game, when he quote tweeted, asking Musk to ‘now save snipers in BO4 plz’.

OpTic Hitch, on the other hand, showed support for the 47-year-old, who hails from Pretoria, South Africa, by captioning his tweet ‘*buys a tesla*’.

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Well, he might be a great gamer but OpTic ain’t exactly Mr. Current Affairs.

It’s rather nice for Musk to enjoy his little viral win with this tweet, as it’s not been a bed of roses for him of late after the computer programmer by trade was removed from his position as CEO of Tesla, a business which he invested £7.5million of his own money into way back in 2004.

The tweet was clearly all in jest Musk is a supporter of gaming and has even implemented ways to play games in Tesla models while he was at the helm of the company.

Musk actually made his first $500 selling the code for a video game he developed at the tender age of 12.

So, all’s fair in love and gaming, after all.

Source Unilad.co.uk

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