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Doublelift – Peter Yiliang Peng

"I'm the best, everyone else is trash." - Doublelift


Ad carry for Team Liquid- Doublelift

Peter ‘Doublelift’ Yiliang would be someone you would normally brand as a subdued individual. This article would however reveal that you couldn’t be more further away from the truth. While the pro players game-play is absolutely stellar, his presence is often resented by many . The player is known to be ‘filter-less‘ both on and off camera. The pro player has made a tremendous number of questionably cocky comments in the past referring to teams openly as smug agents and amateurs. He does, however, cement these comments with strong game-play often slamming down enemy bot lanes that make the mistake of overlooking the AD carry.


Sporting 1000 champion kills in the LCS the bot laner is not someone you want to have any sort of ‘quarrel’ with. Doublelift has shown a lot of luster with his Lucian, Vayne and Ezreal slamming down enemy bot laner’s. He has reportedly quoted ‘Crushing down enemy teams just feels so exhilarating.’ While this may not be a jab at any player, in particular, this can be seen as an open challenge to any ad carry that wants to challenge him.

Doublelifts 1000th kill

Peter might be one of the best players to have ever graced the game, but his personal life is far from sparkles and unicorns. Doublelift’s career itself started when he was kicked out of his home and rendered homeless after getting into a quarrel with his father over gaming. After posting to reddit regarding his condition a lot of people reached out to him and Double eventually made a decision to join CLG. While a part of the team he made money writing guides online. He initially started out as a support and was one of the finest blitzcrank’s in NA back then. Eventually, he assumed the role of ad carry and stayed in that role for the rest of his tenure.

Doublelifts reddit post


The 25-year-old has waded through hell and high water for league of legends. On 31st March Peter’s parents were attacked by his older brother. His mother was killed in the assault, his father injured and his older brother would spend his life behind bars. All of this happened while he was gearing up for his finals in the NA LCS. At this instance, Doublelift displayed yet again the tremendous amount of mental fortitude it takes to be a pro player. Team Liquid – the team he was playing for went forward to bag the title as North America’s champions and headed on for the world championship, with Doublelift as their ad carry.

Doublelifts twitter exploded with supporters filing in to wish him luck

After the season elapsed, he went on a six-month hiatus wherewith he spent time with his relationship partner Bonnie. On an interview, Bonnie revealed that being in a relationship with a pro player can be quite difficult and challenging. She herself was a software engineer and it could be difficult managing both their schedules to make time for each other.

Doublelift with his girlfriend Bonnie

She did, however, understand the grueling schedule he had as an athlete and respected that giving him space whenever he needed it. She also stated that Doublelift didn’t like watching the LCS matches with during his hiatus as he felt left out of the gaming scene. Immediately after his hiatus doublelift resumed his duties as the bot lane for Team Liquid.

Doublelift joins Team Liquid after a six month hiatus

Currently, the Team roster consists of

Doublelift as the ad carry
Olleh as support
Pobelter in the mid lane
Impact as the top laner
Xmithie in the jungle
After winning the spring split and giving a lukewarm performance at MSI, the team is making preparations for its clash at worlds. The training for the same is quite rigorous as Bonnie mentions “Peter has to follow a strict sleep schedule and also regulate his diet eating only healthy food so he can be on his peak performance at all times.” We have no doubt that worlds will be one heck of a rigmarole and with the way the bottom lane seems to be grinding who knows, NA may still have a shot at the championship.