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Dota 2 True Sight : Documentary on OG’s victory in TI8 Finals


American video game developers, Valve Corporation has just released the latest episode of True Sight, a documentary series about Dota 2. This episode highlights the intense series of games between OG and PSG.LGD in the grand finals of The International 2018. 

This documentary resembles a lot to Valve’s first documentary Free to Play. It has a very cinematic approach and manages to capture the viewers at the corners of their seats. It does not matter if you have already watched all 5 games of The International 2018 finals. As True Sight takes you inside the feelings and actual moments between the players. 

For any Dota 2 player, spectator or fan, this movie is as good as an Avengers movie with feels right to the end. Dota 2 True Sight was broadcasted on SteamTV and Twitch. You can also watch it right now on YouTube. 

TI8 grand finals went all the way to the final fifth game and arguably one of the best finals in the history of Dota 2. OG comes back from a losing position time and again by working together as a team. Very few actually knew what it took for OG to emerge victorious and Dota 2 True Sight wonderfully showcases the key moments. 

Definitely there is a lot to learn from Team OG and the standout figure from the documentary Sébastien “Ceb” Debs. He teaches us how one should always have a positive mental attitude in order to comeback from any situation. How communication helps solve any problems and overcome any obstacles. With a never say die attitude, OG wins it in style. 

It is a must watch for all fans of Dota 2 and has been designed for any eSport lover to be amused as well. Complete entertainment and thrills, go watch right now! 

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