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Dota 2 – Patch 7.14 review


Two days ago, Dota 2 announced the release of its patch 7.14, as part of the weekly updates that keep the metagame fresh. Two weeks after reducing the gold gained by destroying towers, we now see the return of Techies in Captain’s Mode, so there is a great chance that we could see the hero in the EPICENTER. Last time around, this experiment ended with an incredible show from Team Secret, exceptional performances of Kuroky and Zai, and then the victory of Evil Geniuses on TI. Does Valve really think that techies is already balanced? We will know in the coming weeks.

If you follow the professional scene, then keep in mind that this hero is played as an offlaner, or as a support. And when it reaches level 25, it can either turn into a cannon with an incredible damage or arrange a mine raid on the enemy base.

Meanwhile, both Pangolier and Dark Willow have been nerfed. It will be necessary to see if these nerfs will be capable enough to reduce the effectiveness of both new heroes. Dark Willow, in particular, is widely used as support in competitive games of Dota 2 but is capable of doing a lot of damage and taking kills with ease.

The Broodmother has received interesting changes to the Spiderlite and Spiderling. The first ones now only give 3 gold and experience when killed, while the second gives 9 gold and experience (before this patch they gave 11 to 21 gold and 20 to 30 experience). In exchange for being less profitable for the enemy, they have lost all their armor and damaged reduced by 20%.

Support Io has been very favored in this patch of Dota 2. Now the Spirits lens damage has been increased on impact, and it is easier to control. The Tether link no longer initially slows the allies and give them buffs which also works with heroes immune to magic or with BKB.

patch 7.14
Credits: dpltap

Other heroes such as Alchemist, Ancient Apparition, Mirana, Brewmaster, Invoker, Ogre Magi, Queen of Pain, Shadow Demon, Slark, Specter, Spirit Breaker, Sven, Treant Protector, Ursa, Venomancer, and Weaver, have received minor buffs. Meanwhile, heroes like Omniknight, Shadow Fiend, and Tiny have been nerfed.

As for the current Meta hero, Terrorblade also falls into the nerf category. Sunder skill after each use will leave the opponent’s maximum health from 25% to 35/30/25%. In addition, the range of Metamorphosis was reduced from 550 to 475.

As for items, the components of Skull Basher and Maelstrom have been changed (Basher now uses Mithril Hammer, and Maelstrom uses Javelin). Now, Maelstrom does more magical damage with Chain Lightning, but it does not increase attack speed anymore. The Mjolnir does increase attack speed, and its magic damage has also been increased.

To know more about Patch 7.14 in depth, please visit the official Dota 2 Website.

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