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Dota 2 guide: How to play with Spectre


Spectre is exclusively a late-game hero, getting stronger as her item slots fill up. The hero can be played in many ways. But the most common way is to keep on farming as long as your team creates space by putting pressure on the enemy lanes. Later on, you can join your team in case of massive engagement via the ultimate spell, Haunt. This spell allows Spectre to focus on her farm without wondering whether or not to join her teammates in the fight across the map. She can also split push when her allies gank a lane, knowing that she can join them at ease.

Usual builds

At the beginning of the game, only the Spectral Dagger brings a little presence to Spectre’s dominance in the lane. Her two passives only become really interesting as the game progresses. Choosing to level up one or the other depends a lot on how the game is played out. But keeping Desolate as a first priority can be a smart choice, especially if there are no heroes harassing you or if there are squishy heroes in the opposing lane. The ultimate should obviously be taken as soon as possible.

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For items, the most usual build makes Spectre a late-game ruthless carry. The item that deals damage in the fight and that goes well with Dispersion passive is Radiance, which allows you both deal damage and farm comfortably. But to farm the jungle easily in the early game, you should make Vanguard. Then come to the items to deal maximum damage in the late game that includes Heart Of Tarrasque, Manta, Butterfly, and Mooshard which go well with the passive abilities and Radiance to get you the victory in the late game.

Spectre can also be six slotted a lot faster, with items like Diffusal Blade, Sange and Yasha, Blade Mail and Mask of Madness. This can give her some presence in mid game.
In any case, the Phase Boots are extremely recommended as they give mobility to Spectre who needs to get close to its targets (they also provide a significant boost in damage at the beginning of the game).

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Strong points

When the hero gets the necessary farm, she is certainly the strongest carry of the game. With the classic build (Radiance / HoT), she can easily become an immovable object for the enemy. Her ultimate ability is very interesting as it allows not to interrupt the farm for even a second before engaging in team fights. In addition, Spectral Dagger allows her to escape difficult situations at all stages of the game. Finally, this hero does not usually require BKB which is still 4000 gold saved. However, if you are playing against a team with a lot of disables then the BKB is a good situational pick.

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Spectre suffers from certain weaknesses. Her early laning phase is quite weak and is dependent on the supports to secure her farm. If your Spectre does not get her farm until the mid-game then you are likely to lose the game. Lastly, Spectre is a carry that does not benefit at all from the Ancient stacks and is one of the worst heroes to kill off Roshan.

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