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Devil May Cry 5 Ultra Limited Edition Is Going To Cost You More Than Six Grand


Every Devil May Cry fan has once dreamt of owning that Dante’s coat, that dream can now become reality as Capcom Japan has released an Ultra Limited Edition of Devil May Cry 5 which comes with Dante’s coat but it will cost your around $6000. The official news is Capcom Japan is selling Devil May Cry 5 Ultra Limited Edition that includes a replica coat from one of the three playable characters: Dante, Nero and V.

Cheapest one of the three is the version V which will cost you 600,000 yen (around £4000). Here is how the coat looks like :

Nero’s Edition Costs 750,000 yen (around £5000)

Super expensive coat Dante’s edition, which costs 900,000 yen (around £6100).

More images of a model wearing coat while getting scanned for the game, this is how you will look when you wear this coat:

If you are from some other country other than Japan you have to import this beauty so that will add up the cost of the coat. But if you are purchasing it for that much they should just offer free delivery of the apparel.

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