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CSGO – Tips for all the sniper players out there


Here are some of the tips and setting for CSGO sniper players out there;

Sensitivity Setting

One of the biggest difficulties for CSGO players is in choosing the sensitivity of the mouse. Because of the great possibilities of variations, choosing the ideal sensitivity is not always a simple task. When it comes to Sniper, we should pay more attention to setting sensitivity, so that we can have a quick and accurate look at the same time.

A very high sensitivity will cause you to lose accuracy in your shots. Already a very low sensitivity will make you lose agility of your movements in CSGO. Therefore, you should find a balanced sensitivity, so that you feel comfortable to perform the shots with precision and agility.

Credits: Gifmage

Although it is very personal, the choice of sensitivity must be made by observing some points, always seeking the best in-game result. For this, we have prepared a basic model of mouse sensitivity adjustment for Snipers:

  1. Enter the game and search for a match with a few players so you can set the mouse sensitivity without disturbing anyone. Once the game starts, set a fixed point on the map for you to use as a reference.
  2. Then look at this fixed object and try to make the 180-degree movement that is, turning quickly to the back. You should set the sensitivity so that you can do this move comfortably without removing the mouse from your mousepad. Increase and decrease the sensitivity until you can perform it.

Once you have done that, you have your sensitivity adjusted and from now on you can change the sensitivity according to your needs, that is, you can increase or decrease the sensitivity to be completely perfect for you.

It is important to remember that each mouse has its different DPI characteristics and resolutions. Therefore, your optimum sensitivity may vary for each mouse and each different DPI resolution.

Credits: Gfycat

Quick Switch

The Quick Switch is a technique used by snipers. It is extremely important for those who would like to master this weapon. Quick Switch means “Quick Swap”, and to better understand this technique, we must know some information:

  • After firing a shot, every weapon suffers the power of Recoil.
  • The recoil is the “kick” that the gun gives when firing, that is, the movement that pushes the gun back. The recoil is more common in weapons with a high rate of fire, causes the gun shots leave scattered, ie without precision.
Credits: CSGO Items CSGO Skins

The technique works as follows:

After shooting with the sniper, you must swap quickly to the knife, and then immediately return to the sniper. In the same way, the exchange between the sniper for pistol can be made.

This technique is called Quick Switch, and through it you will improve your skills with sniper, as it will cancel the Recoil of the weapon, making it faster and more precise.

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