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Common Mistakes To Avoid During Calibration


There is an absolute chaos in the Dota 2 community these days. Dota 2 new rank calibration season just began and the community is torn between winners and losers. Some of the folks have managed to advance by a few ranks while some of the elites have fallen into the trenches. However, this has also shown the Account Buyers their right place. What Valve does to rectify this system is yet to be seen. We would not blame Valve if it takes longer to grab their attention regarding this matter since they are probably busy with The International preparations. Having said that, let’s get to how to avoid the common mistakes players make while calibration.

If you do not want to be the guy who lost 1000 MMR, pay close attention

valve new rank

1. Do not queue at a bad time for your region

You should avoid finding matches at weird timings. Includes 3 o clock in the night when a majority of the people in your region are sleeping. When you play games at weird timings, you are very likely to play with people who might abandon, hangover, too emotional, stoned. I hope you get my point! Also, when there are lesser people of your rank playing at the time. Dota matchmaking might pair you with people of other ranks which makes the game unbalanced.

Let’s say you are a Legend player and you get paired with Divine or Crusader players. It makes the game very unfair for you and other players. The reason for that is, new calibration takes into account fairness of the game. So if you match with players very lower rank than you and you lose the game. You might lose up to 100 MMR but if you win the game, you might just get 10 MMR. During weird timings, you are more likely to come across such matches. So make sure to queue during the peak hours of your region.

2. Pick a hero that benefits your team

If you are serious about increasing your rank, need to keep that ego aside. Playing Tinker, Zeus to maximize your damage, Alchemist, Anti Mage to maximize your GPM. None of that matters anymore. The only thing that matters is the win. So the journey is no longer important, it’s all about the destination. So you do not want to pick these heroes that will give you good stats. Previous season people got higher ranks just by spamming heroes that gave them good stats. That’s not how it works anymore.

Pick a hero that makes your team well balanced and learn to shine at whatever role you play. If your team has no stuns, do not last pick another hero without any stun. If your team lacks push, do not pick another team fight hero. Because it would not matter if you win team fights when you cannot take objectives. If you are planning to first pick, go for versatile heroes like sand king, mirana that can be played in various roles. Pick your best heroes that complete your team.Image result for new rank calibration dota 2

3. Positive communication

Someone wise once said. If you cannot say anything good, it is better to not say anything. This is the most important point to win games. We all have played with players who just keep dying for no reason. However you need to understand raging at them, just makes matters worse. Raging will not help you in any scenario. It will not only make the game worse for your teammates but even for yourself. Since you lose focus when you waste time-fighting and end up throwing the game.

Increase in communication during calibration will make it easier for you to win these games. Someone needs to tell the team when to take objectives. Without any communication, people tend to go back to farming. If they do not listen, that’s too bad. But you have to at least try and hope they will listen. At the end of the day, your victory really relies on who is the better team with better communication.

4. Do not instantly find after your last game

You need to take some time to blow off the steam if you lost the game. If you won the game please take time to celebrate. You need to start a new game with a fresh mindset and leave the previous game behind. Also if you want to avoid same teammates, just search after a while. If you find instantly, you might end up in the same scenario. Where you have to support when you are a carry player. So take some time, drink some water if you want to. Moving on from the previous game is very important, just like moving on from an ex. You need to learn from the mistakes you made and just be happy knowing you learned something from the last game.

5. Switch on ‘Strict Solo Ranked Matchmaking’

For those of you who don’t know. This function allows you to be paired solely with 9 other individuals. Means there will be no party shenanigans in this game. People are generally more relaxed about party MMR and hence do not take those games seriously. You would want to avoid these party players. Chances of winning are higher if you are paired with individuals who care about MMR. This also makes the average MMR more balanced and fair.Image result for strictly solo matchmaking dota 2

6. Do not give up too early

Alright, this is my personal favorite. I will share one of the incidents that happened to me during my calibration. Even though I am a core player, I ended up playing pos 5 Crystal Maiden. I did not cry about it, just accepted the fact and moved on with the game. Everything was going well till 2 of my teammates randomly disconnected (yes, I forgot to switch on strictly solo matchmaking). One of them was our mid player Invoker and the other was our pos 4 Clockwerk. We waited for a long time but they never came back. Most of the players would give up at this time knowing it is almost impossible to win an equal game 3v5.

This game was not only 3v5 but we were without our Mid Player. To add to our problems, we had an offlane Pudge who was dying a lot. Further, in the game, we end up losing 2 racks, still clinging on to hope. Fast forward, we win the game 3v5. If you want to watch this game or know more about it (match id: 3939741954). This game was a high average and very high skilled game.

Comeback is real
This is the game mentioned above. Do not give up too early! Match id – 3939741954

The enemy often makes mistakes, just be patient enough. Learn to capitalize on enemy mistakes and never lose hope. What makes Dota 2 so wonderful is its ability to always surprise us. I have seen some miraculous comebacks and this was indeed one of them. Sometimes your persistence can get back your teammates who have given up hope. While it can also create fights in the enemy team. If you actually want to achieve the best rank possible, try hard and do not give up.

TL;DR – Icefrog just cares if you win a game or lose a game. So the only way to increase MMR is by winning games. Personally feel the MMR system right now is broken but above are some tips that will help you calibrate to a good rank.

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