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Changes To Fortnite Map In Season 7


Season 7 brought some great changes to every aspect of the game and with recent twitter post from Epic Games has revealed they are bringing sword in the game. Just like there was Infinity gauntlet, I think sword will be introduced which you can use with different controls. Apart from this new there seriously are new changes in map this season 7 with the introduction of Snow Biome in the game.

So every where snow has started to fall, on the down left side there is a huge snow island that introduced new locations all around the map. So let’s discuss about map changes that are introduced in game this season:

Frosty Flights

Epic Games introduced a stormwing plane, so it is obvious there will be a hanger for all the planes. Here we have it, in Frosty Flights, a new location in down left side of the map. And as it is situated in snow biome of the map, so it is covered in snow too. A new place in map for a new vehicle in game.

frosty-flightsPolar Peak

This is the location where you will find sword in the game. The castle at Polar Peak offers great deal of weapons and chests which you can use to gear up fullest for the next fight.

polar-peakGreasy Grove Under Ice

Greasy Grove has totally undergone water. A flood came from waterfall that was in Viking Village. Now Greasy Grove has left with only floating cars and rooftops of flooded houses.

greasy-groveFlush Factory Under Snow

Flush Factory also falls under snow biome, thus making it another victim of snow storm that came with season 7. What you can find near Flush Factor is yet another new location Happy Hamlet.

flush-factoryHappy Hamlet

This is another new location that has been introduced in Snow Biome of the map. This location is filled with snowcapped roofs and charming architecture which seems too cute. This place is located where Flush Factory used to be.

happy-hamletViking Village

This place is same but as the snowstorm came with season 7, everything is frozen. But other than being frozen the place seems it got flooded before.

viking-villageBig Chair is Now A Big Shed

This is the location which was between flush factory and snobby shores. It is a good location where you can find around 6 chests to fight enemies in snobby shores.

Big-chair-fortniteTilted Building Is Under Construction

tilted-tower-changesA.I.M. Bases Around The Map

Now there are a lot of A.I.M. bases around the map where you can find good amount of loot, at least good enough to fight a 1v1 and win.

AIM BasesCorrupted Areas Are Gone

All the corrupted areas formed by cube during the fortnitemares event are gone now and what is left here is only grass with some chests.

Corrupted AreasThere are yet unnamed locations in map that are yet to come this season. Epic Games released that they are working towards a better story to reveal more interesting things in future.

Fortnite is now available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Nintendo Switch, and select mobile devices. As season 7 has started now, what is that you liked the most? Join the conversation in the comment section or hit us over on twitter: @esportsrush7

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