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From the whittled frosty plains to the surface of the moon, battle your way through diverse environments alongside a team of four other members: Armajet. This is probably one of the most unique indie games we have come across yet, Armajet is one of those few games you probably shouldn’t pass without giving a try. The swipe motion system indicates that it’s a very intuitive control system that, as the guys at Super Bit say are easy to control but difficult to master.
Another interesting trait this game brings to the table is the ability to join an existing game. As we all know, with ever-expanding gaming universes, roles and communities, the queue times sky-rocket parallelly. Take for example the thirty minute long ranked queue timers in League of legends. The ability to queue you into an existing game is, if I may say ‘bloody beautiful’. This not only reduces the queue timers but also in a sense solves the frustration over AFK problems that plague the e-sports community.

After an interview with members at Super Bit, we are sure they are a group of guys who know exactly what they’re doing and the time and effort that has gone into making this 2018 take on the 1980’s arcade games is commendable. We would like to thank them for being such great interviewees and giving us in-depth answers to the questions we had.

1. You have described Armajet as a 2.5D game. Is there a particular significance to this term?
Armajet is a platformer at its core, meaning the character is controlled in a 2-dimensional space and can jump or jetpack to avoid obstacles. We primarily use 3D assets to provide additional depth and high fidelity graphics for PC and mobile. A platformer with 3D assets is commonly referred to as 2.5D.

2. I love the old school Contra vibe this game provides. Are you intentionally trying to offer a modern take on classic arcade games?
That’s great to hear! Armajet is a definite throwback to a lot of the games we loved playing growing up in the 90s. Quake and Unreal are a big inspiration for us as far as arena shooters go, and have learned a lot from the top competitions worldwide.

3. Armajet allows players to join existing matches. How does this system effect ranked play?
We want to make it as easy as possible to join your friends any time, whether you want to play with them or just spectate. Our current “quick play” system allows you to do just that. As we expand our audience and our ranked mode, joining mid-round will only allow you to watch the game, just like our custom matches currently function.

4. As there are already professional teams playing Armajet in early access, are there any plans to bring the game to the International e-Sports Federation?
Armajet is still in early access, and not open on all platforms. Even so, we’ve been approached by several esports organizations, which are starting to assemble teams. We plan on expanding tournament support as we roll out more features, including clans. We’d love to bring Armajet to the IeSF and believe competitive, fair esports games should be recognized as a legitimate sport.

5. Since Battle Royale modes are all the hype in multiplayer games, are there any plans to introduce similar modes to Armajet?
We experiment with lots of different modes in Armajet, including capture the flag, capture the point, free for all, duel and more. So far, team deathmatch is the only one featured in early access. We wanted to make sure the “base” Armajet experience was the best it could be on every platform. Personally, I believe the game will shine with exciting, high-risk objective-based modes and can’t wait to roll those out. We’d love to experiment with battle royale-style gameplay on larger 2.5D-style arenas as well.

6. Do you have a message for gamers who already play your game as well as those who haven’t yet tried yet?
We worked really hard on making Armajet a fair, competitive, cross-platform, cross-play between PC and mobile. I would invite mouse, controller and touch players alike to take Armajet for a spin. I believe they’ll be really surprised at how flexible and fair playing our shooter on any platform really is. We often do mobile-vs-PC tournaments in the office, and it’s great to see that it’s the skill that really matters, not where you play. To our incredible community that already plays Armajet: thank you. Your feedback makes the game better every day. You’re showing the way for new players and we love what you do.

And boy oh boy does your community love you back! With a 4.9 star rating in the beta- testing phase itself, we are sure this game is going to be one of the most loved indie games of the year and would recommend this game to anyone who misses the old school gaming vibe of their yesteryears because this game has all that you’re looking for!
Click here for the link to their page and make sure to check them out!

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