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An itemization guide for Cyclops in mobile legends


About Cyclops


Cyclops is a primordial mage of the purest form. This champion has a skill set that is capable of annihilating a single champion and in team fights is capable of dealing death from afar. The way to play this champion will be covered up in our gameplay guide but for now, let us look into the items to build while playing this champion and what advantage each item offers.

Items that go well with Cyclops

Enchanted Talisman: A core item for this champion, enchanted talisman accomplishes the important objective of fueling this champion. Its passive Mana spring generates 10% of the wielders maximum mana every ten seconds. Apart from this, the item also provides a 10% CDR which means you can frequently cast your abilities to harass the enemy team and also push lane. Pushing lane is a very grueling task for mages and the enchanted talisman is just an attempt to simplify this monstrosity.

Concentrated energy: The second core item for your build. Where the enchanted Talisman catered to your mana needs and turned you into a damage dealing maniac, concentrated energy ensures your base survivability. Apart from offering 30% spell vamp, which is insane coupled with the added CDR this item also allows you to restore 10% of your HP after killing a hero. This allows you to go ham on the enemy team while ensuring your health is matched with your mana and neither pool falls dangerously low.

Holy crystal: The item can be thrown into the build for additional damage. Buy this item when you’re ahead and are looking to decimate unsuspecting enemies as the power spike it offers when ahead is tremendous.

Blood wings: This is an item you would want to typically buy if you do not want the Concentrated energy in your build or simply if you’re looking for a more durable walking talking nuke. Blood wings provides you with 2 HP for every point in magic power added. Needless to say this scales very well with a Holy crystal and similar magic power boosting items. Buy this typically mid game when you want that added durability against the enemy fighters.

Divine glave: This is typically a situational item. When you are really ahead, enemies will typically buy magic penetration to mitigate the damage you deal. In such a case, the Devils tears is a monster in punishing that excess item slot.

Glowing wand: If the enemy refuses to build magic penetration, this is an ideal item to punish them severely. The item burns through tanks, dealing up to 3% of their maximum hp each second as magic power.

Ice queen wand: An equivalent item for tanks, ice queen wand will slow down enemy champions with each ability and deal damage to them. This effect stacks as well offering up to a 45% slow.

Arcane boots or Magic shoes are a good set of boots to run. Remember Cyclops does not require any additional CDR due to the remaining items in his build.

Use the following items as and where you see fit. Pick out the items you do and do not want to include in your final build and have fun climbing! Also, don’t forget to check out the cyclops gameplay guide too!

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