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Fortnite: Battle Royale’s Season 6 Battle Pass Skins And Outfits


After weeks of speculation and Cube revolving around the map leaving strange runes, the Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 6 Battle Pass is here. The theme is “Darkness Rises,” and it looks like it’s as the name suggest various dark characters from myths are here. We’ve got Vampire Hunter, Red Riding Hood, Werewolves and more. Regardless, the pass is stacked with new pickaxes, emotes, pets, sprays and, of course, skins. Let’s take a look at all the skins available in the Fortnite’s Season 6 Battle Pass:

Calamity: This skin is a progressive skin with 6 unlockable styles just like carbide and drift from previous seasons. This skin is a reference to Calamity Jane, a friend of Wild Bill Hickock and frontierswoman in the late 19th century.

DJ Yonder— Tier 1 Skin of Season 6 Battle Pass is a funky DJ that is mixture of Daft Punk/Marshmello. There are going to more DJ skins coming in future with Halloween References too.

Giddy-Up: This one is just a meme skin and is reference to our Default skin with his legs stuck in a balloon llama.

Fable: This is a straight reference to an old myth with that little girl from Red Riding Hood.



Dire : This is the Tier-100 skin which has 6 unlockable styles and is a reference to WereWolves. Just like all previous tier 100 good skins this one lives up to it’s name with its last three styles.

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