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5 roles to play in CSGO


The player’s role highlights the strengths and weaknesses of a player as well as the different styles of play that prove to be beneficial to the team in CSGO. By performing certain objectives, each role becomes a crucial element in the team’s strategy.

Note that there is no predefined role in Counter-Strike games because the game is relatively dynamic. Each player can occupy a specific position during the game. There are, however, general principles that have developed over time as competitive players have found ways to function as an organized unit to optimize line-up talent.

Entry Fragger

The very first is the entry fragger. This is the first player to engage the enemy. The entry fragger is used to dictate the control of position on the map. Often very aggressive in their role, players are generally recognized for their accuracy and speed. These must deal with Molotov cocktail, flash and frag grenades. Their goal is to get the first kill of the game.
An example of a known entry fragger: Taco.

Credits: PC Gamer


The second role is the support, hand in hand with the other players, it is as the name suggests the player who “support” the team leaves to have to sacrifice for his teammates. He has two main roles. First, push with the entry fragger and finish the trades if the entry dies. In addition, he must launch grenades to promote the work of the entry fragger. The latter can thus be faster and more efficient in his movements, allowing him to reach certain positions. The supports must have a good knowledge of the spots and trajectories of the various grenades, but also know how to coordinate with his teammates in order to finish the targets injured by the entry. An example of support: NBK.

Credits: Tumblr


The third role is none other than the lurker. It is the player who goes solo across the map to take his opponents by surprise on the flanks. His main qualities are positioning and knowing how to engage at the right time. These are often experienced players who occupy this position. An example of Lurker would be: Get_Right.


The fourth is the Leader or IGL (in-game leader): He is the shot-caller, one that tells others the strategy to follow: when to rotate, what to buy when to save or even when attack the bomb site. The leader must know how to adapt the strategy of the team dynamically according to what the opposing team does. The shot-callers must, therefore, be able to handle several elements simultaneously and also be versatile.
A good example of a leader would be FalleN.


Lastly, We distinguish between “rifling” and “AWPer”, depending on the weapons they use. Many teams rely on one awper and four riflers who will define the team’s economy around getting the awp in certain rounds. This player can then hold certain positions at long distance. Even if this type of player is specialized with an awp it is crucial that he also knows very well to use the rifles because the team will not always be able to buy it at all rounds.

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