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5 Essential tips for CSGO players


If you happen to be a newbie in the game of CSGO and don’t know how to win games against your friends then look no further because we got you covered. Here are a few essential tips that will only improve your CSGO experience.

Always look in the head!

Always keep your focus positioned at the head of opponents. Avoid staring at the ground or at the sky. The reason for this is obvious, a head can give an instant kill on your opponent. You need only a single shot in the head to eliminate your opponent while in the body, you will need some shots, which can cost your life. You can further check out our guide on how to shoot in CSGO.

Credits: DoorLol via DeivantArt

Knowing the map

Knowing the maps is essential for you to play better CSGO. When we are new to the game, we have no idea of ​​the maps and we walk randomly until we find our targets. What usually happens? Most of the time we are caught off guard by being out of position.
This is natural to happen in the beginning, after all, nobody is born knowing all the maps of the game. But over time, we get to know the map and identify the best way to move around the map that will leave us less exposed. We even begin to predict where our opponents will appear to surprise them.

Getting to know each map of the game gives you a huge advantage over most other players because you are always one step ahead. So, invest your time by researching and studying the CSGO maps.

Keep track of Tournaments and Streams

One of the best ways to learn about the game is by following tournaments and watching streams. Never think that you will learn everything by yourself. Or if it does, it will take years to learn. Tournaments and Streams are great ways for you to learn from other player’s techniques, movements, and strategies. Try to watch them in a critical way, always analyzing the decisions of the players and if necessary write down to assimilate the knowledge better.

Credits: ESL

Train a lot

No tip you read on the internet will work miracles. You must tirelessly train all the time to become of this veteran eSports title. No one can master the game overnight. But with practice everyone can play better, just have patience along the way.

Have fun

This tip is valid for any new activity that we want to learn and especially in online games. Often we forget why we’re playing, which is to have fun. In the beginning, it is only natural that you lose most of the games and you cannot kill anyone. But you should not get frustrated and give up. Play to have fun and not to be the best. With practice, the results will appear and you will play better and better. So enjoy the game, CSGO can be a lot of fun!

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