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3 tips to shoot better in CSGO


One of the hardest things to learn for the new players when they start playing CSGO is to shoot the right way. Players of other FPS games are very accustomed to shooting in motion to make it difficult for opponents to hit them. In CSGO this playing style can also be applicable, because otherwise you will be a very easy target, but it is quite difficult to implement it in the game.

Try to shoot while remaining still

In CSGO you should always shoot while staying still. During the game, you should realize that your moving shots never hit the enemy. Often you think, “It is not possible, I took a headshot and the enemy did not die”. This happens because in CSGO your aim opens when you are on the move. Therefore your shot can go anywhere without precision. Take the test and sprint by looking at your focus. You will realize that with the increase in movement speed, your focus will enlarge with no accuracy. So always shoot standing. Train your movement so it will not be a standing target for your opponents, but be habitual to always stop to shoot. You will realize that your shots will be much more accurate.

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Master the Recoil

Pay attention to the Recoil of your weapon. The Recoil is nothing more than the “jolt” that the gun gives after a shot. Realize that after firing, your weapon never stays in the same place. Take a test and dump all your ammunition on a wall, without taking your finger off the mouse. You will see that no shot will come out in the same place. The reason behind this is the recoil. For your shots to come out accurate, you must learn to control this recoil of your weapon.

Credits: Pictureforwallpaper

To master the art, take your weapon and as suggested above, dump all your ammo on some wall, without taking your finger off the mouse. You will see that the bullets will form a ” drawing ” on the wall. If you repeat the process several times, you will realize that this “drawing” will be almost always the same. You will identify the recoil of your weapon like this. So if you realize that your gun goes down after a shot, you should control it up, that is, control the mouse up, after a shot. Reading this seems so much simpler than it really is. In practice, it is much harder to do. So, like everything else in life, you should train, tirelessly, to improve your technique.

Credits: imahappyguy via Imgur

Don’t exhaust all your ammo in one shot

Another important point is to avoid constantly holding the shoot button in a combat. As we saw in the above test, by taking multiple shots in a row, your weapon is completely out of control in the last few shots. Therefore, it is recommended that you give a maximum of three shots at a time. Avoid more than that, unless you’re almost stuck with your opponent, because in that case practically every shot will hit you, anyway.

You can always practice your shots in CSGO’s Deathmatch. You can buy any weapon of your choice and what’s more important is that you will respawn instantly after you die. Therefore, it is a great mode for those who want to master their aim in the game.

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