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3 important items to build on Anti-Mage


Anti-Mage is arguably the most popular Hard Carry in the game of Dota 2. In his description is Melee, Carry, Escape and Nuker, the latter cannot be said because his only nuke is only Mana Break (Ultimate with a high Cooldown). Anti-Mage has a little contribution at the early stage of the game. Even in the Mid game, with a decent farm, the hero is capable of joining team fights and is solely able to push the lane. But the hero is arguably the strongest of all in the late game, which is often capable of carrying the team alone.

The build of items does not vary greatly from game to game. Anti-Mage has its first three well-defined core items, and a few other later situational items.

Power Treads

Power Threads give the Anti-Mage better chance to fight the opponent on the lane and even increases your farm speed with the attack speed status bonus. It is a very interesting item because it gives you the possibility to manipulate the status gain between Agi / Int / Str (+10, pressing the item hotkey: Agi for more damage, Int for more mana, and Str for more HP.

Credits: themojojojo via Imgur

Battle Fury

Battle Fury is a must for Anti-Mage to increase his farm potential with its Cleave Damage (40%) and damage bonus (+45). At the same time, it improves the ability to push and counter-push, making easier to clear the creep waves. Another positive point of the item is its regeneration of HP (+6) and mana (+ 2.25). It grants sustain and the possibility of spamming Blink. The first component to be purchased from Battle Fury is usually Perseverance.

Manta Style

Manta Style is the main item for Anti-Mage that benefits the hero in various ways, with the stats bonus (+10 Str, +10 Int, + 26 Agi), + 41% Attack Speed ​​(+26 Agi, + 10% Attack Speed), + 8% MS. But the main reason this item is so important is its Active Mirror Image. It creates two illusions, increasing the mana potential to be burned by Anti-Mage and also enhances your Split push potential. From the defensive point of view, the Mirror Image when used, dispels a lot of negative buffs, including silences. With Manta Style is equipped, Anti-Mage becomes extremely more relevant in team fights.

Credits: Gfycat

Butterfly (Situational)

Butterfly increases Anti-Mage’s offensive power by granting +65 damage (+35 Agi, +25 Damage) and a total of +65 Attack Speed (+35 Agi and + 30% Attack Speed). Also increases the defensive power of the hero with + 35% Evasion. It has an active Flutter that for 2 seconds removes the Evasion by a bonus of 35% MS. It improves the potential of Anti-Mage in team fights. The Butterfly can be made just after the Manta Style, in a situation where Anti-Mage has a big advantage over the opposing team, creating a snowball effect.

Credits: EsportsTales

The counters for the Anti-Mage are silences and disables, such as stuns and Hex. The supports that are useful against the Anti-Mage: Lion, because of his skills: Mana Drain and Hex; and Shadow Demon, for his Skill: Disruption.

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